Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours

Give your guests an adventure tour that they won’t soon forget!

All-season, amphibious extreme terrain Argo's are the rugged off-road vehicles that will give your guests the adrenalin rush of a lifetime. From the glaciers in New Zealand, to rainforests in Costa Rica or the Rocky Mountains in Canada, adventure tour operators around the world agree: an Argo adventure is one attraction that keeps thrill seekers coming back!

Enjoy pristine wilderness while minimizing the environmental footprint you leave behind. The Argo’s fully sealed body protects the environment from any possible leaks of pollutants such as lubricants or vehicle fluids. It’s safer for passengers, too, with the sure-footed agility and traction to negotiate any terrain plus the ultra-light ground pressure to glide over fragile soils and snow.

Getting back to nature was never easier – or safer – than in an Argo.

Give your guests an adventure they won’t soon forget. ARGO is a resort owner or tour operator’s dream come true.

Now it’s easier than ever to offer guests the perfect vehicle for nature expeditions, wilderness exploration, scenic tours, photo safaris and everything in-between through our NEW ARGO Resort Owner/Tour Operator Program.

From the everglades of America, to the Rocky Mountains in Canada, ATV/off-road tour operators and resort owners around the world agree: an ARGO experience is one attraction that keeps guests coming back.

Eligible resort or lodge owners, tour operators, etc. can now enjoy a tour operator discount on all vehicles for use with their business. As an Official ARGO Resort Owner/Tour Operator every guest that comes through your lodge, resort or business will get a discount voucher to put towards an ARGO and for every customer that ultimately purchases a vehicle, you will earn substantial ARGO Bucks that can be used to expand your ARGO fleet.

All-season, amphibious extreme terrain ARGOs are the rugged off-road vehicles that will give your guests the adrenalin rush of a lifetime. Whether you’re an ATV tour guide, lodge or eco-tour operator, the NEW ARGO Resort Owner/Tour Operator Program is designed to not only offer your customers an exciting outdoor experience at an attractive rate for you but also provide you with an attractive incentive to reduce the cost of your off road vehicle fleet.

For more information and financing, please contact Matt Chandler at or 519-662-2840 x259

Nature Attractions
When the need to get away from it all takes over, travel in style with Argo’s ample cargo space to transport your whole party and their gear for long days of recreation with all the comforts of home. Argo’s fully sealed body keeps water out so you get to camp in comfort and keep dry all day long.
What could be more convenient for trip planning than a crosscountry vehicle that turns into a boat the moment it hits the water? Argo’s 8 webbed tires actually work as linear propellers in deep water, or simply attach an outboard for the extra propulsion to explore more shoreline than ever before.

Eco Tourism
Argo is a camp operator’s dream come true! Extreme mobility, trusted dependability, easy adaptability, in and out of water without leaving a trace of being there – it’s the total package!
Multi-passenger Argo's are the perfect vehicle for wilderness exploration, scenic tours, and everything in-between. Fishing guides, hunting outfitters, lodges and eco-tour operators can now offer their customers an outdoor experience that’s as safe as it is exciting and rewarding.  Transport parties of up to six people into the wilds in one trip and still have room for all their gear and prized catches in the tow behind trailer!

Photo Safaris
See nature like no one else has. There’s room for everyone on board when you add extra seating for up to 6 passengers on your Argo. Take your passengers on a photo safari and let them enjoy the “wild” life safely as Argo minimizes the risk of roll-overs on uneven and broken terrain. When getting there is half the fun, count on Argo’s 8x8 traction and low ground clearance to skim over obstacles and get everyone home safely too.

ARGO Avenger EFI performs in altitude of 5900 m ( 19,357 ft)

The Matthias Jeschke Extreme Driving Team reached an all-time high as they set the record for climbing the Ojos del Salado Volcano in Chile on March 13, 2007. Led by German off-road expert Jeschke, and accompanied by two 8 x 8 ARGO Avengers EFI for support, the team of 12 reached the extraordinary height of 6,646 meters with no assistance or oxygen, in two Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 3.8 V6 vehicles.In this daring attempt, the fuel injected ARGO Avengers became the first 8x8 off-road utility vehicles ever to reach an altitude of 5,800 metres, a feat for both the driving team and the designers of the ARGO.