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A Strong Work Ethic.

The Avenger Pro Series.



High performance 30HP V-Twin cylinder EFI Liquid Cooled Engines deliver clean, dependable power for your Avenger Pro in all seasons.

Admiral Transmission

The Admiral transmission uses some very complex gearing, including dual differentials on the output shafts. So when steering, the braking force is not applied to the output shafts but to a steering differential, which translates to a vastly different driving experience.

While steering in high gear, the output shafts rotate at a 3:1 ratio, yielding smoother, gentler steering events. While there is no ability for zero turn in high range, select low range and it operates similarly to a traditional skid steer vehicle offering a zero-radius turn.

AirLock™ Rims and Tires

New and rugged AirLock™ rims. These new steel ground warriors allow operators to adjust tire pressure to the terrain. The AirLock™ feature keeps the tire firmly fixed to the rim in rugged terrain while providing a 30% smoother ride.

ARGO low-pressure tires are custom engineered to provide propulsion for the vehicle when used amphibiously or to provide superior traction when off-roading in challenging terrain.

Winch and Brushguard

Pulling power for when you need it most. ARGO’s Warn winch mounts front or back to assist with high-angle extractions of equipment or debris. Available for each Avenger model as an genuine ARGO accessory with 3,500 lb. capacity.

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